Best Back to School Organization Ideas

Hey, y’all! It’s August, and here in Houston that means it's time to get organized for going back to school.

No matter the age or grade level, the stress of going back to school is more manageable when students and their parents plan ahead and get organized. In this article you’ll learn the best back to school organization ideas from our team of professional home organizers in Houston.

Organize Your Shopping

One of the best back to school organization ideas is all about shopping:

Clothes and Backpacks

  • Check the fit and condition of last year’s clothes and backpacks.
  • Look over school dress codes for changes, especially if your child is starting in a new school or district.
School Supplies
  • If you haven’t already received it, check online for the supply list for your child’s school and grade. Many stores sell prepackaged supplies based on those lists, saving you time and money.
  • Consider purchasing extra supplies and donating them to the teacher or classroom.

Back to school shopping organization ideas

Organize your back to school shopping by making a list of the school supplies you need to get.

Home Organization

Now let’s talk about the best back to school home organization ideas for getting your kids and your family ready for school:

Drop spots, command centers, and study spaces.

  • Create a designated drop spot for backpacks, coats, and things like class projects, sports equipment, and musical instruments. Having one place to drop off and pick up will eliminate last-minute searches before and after school.
  • Set up a message center or command station where you keep track of the crazy amount of school events and paperwork: class schedules, meetings, permission slips, waivers, sports schedules, rehearsals, and performances.
  • Make sure the kids have a place to study or a homework station with extra supplies (pens, pencils, calculator, markers, highlighters).

Back to school home organization ideas.

Kids need an organized and dedicated place to study and do their homework.

Get Organized with Routines at Home

Our final back to school home organizations idea is to prepare for the new household schedule:

Morning and evening routines

  • Start implementing new bedtime and wake-up times at least a few days before the first day to get kids used to going to bed and getting up earlier.
  • Go over steps and timing for the new morning and evening routines. Kids, especially teenagers, tend to underestimate everything they need to do and how long it takes.

Utilize routines for back to school home organization.

Organize proper bedtime schedules to ensure your child gets enough sleep.

By taking time now to prepare for the upcoming school year, you’ll save your sanity and help your child start the new year off right. If back-to-school organization and planning feels like too much right now, call Organized By MJ today. Organized By MJ is a professional home organizer in Houston and can help get you, your family and home organized and ready for school!


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