Professional Closet Organizer in Houston

Professional Closet Organizer in Houston

Getting dressed in the morning should not involve climbing over mountains of clothes, shoes and purses.

Have you ever wanted to have a closet that would be the envy of all your friends?

Hiring a closet organizer in Houston is the first step toward achieving your goal of closet bliss! Organizing our closets is probably the most overlooked task in our home when it comes to order and cleanliness. Most of us tend to think “who’s going to be looking in my closet?”. Well, the simple answer to that question is that YOU will be looking in that closet. Every day.

Why Would I Need A Closet Organizer in Houston?

How much money do you think you’ve spent on your wardrobe over the years? Did you know that your clothing and shoes will last longer when properly cared for? Being stored in piles at the back of a walk-in closet will shorten the lifespan of your wardrobe. Just being able to protect that wardrobe investment could easily be worth the cost of hiring a closet organizer in Houston.

How A Closet Organizer in Houston Works?

It all starts with the purge! We pull everything out of your closet, and together with the client, determine what items are worth keeping, and what can be gotten rid of. Once we have determined what is going to be kept, we will determine how much hanging space or folded item space you need and design a layout to fit your needs.

Whatever is left behind from the purge is then sorted by keeping like items together; for instance, all long-sleeve blouses together, hung in order from lightest to darkest. Shoes are organized according to style, color or season, even your old clothes hangers are removed and replaced with all the same type of hanger, for much neater and more organized appearance. Just think how much money you’ll save by not buying the same pair of shoes twice because you lost the first pair in the closet!

Organized by MJ will help you find the space you need for shoes, hats and other accessories with the skill of a professional closet organizer in Houston to help you get the most from your walk-in closet space.

Closet Organizer Testimonial:

Mary Jo is totally amazing! I have very limited closet space.

Mary Jo helped me purge clothes, organize shoes and space (what little there is). She says it's much easier to get dressed when you color code, which is true. Now I see ALL the NEW possibilities and have had a blast putting together different outfits. Even after all the purging, it feels I have more than tripled my wardrobe! It's been fun to challenge myself to create fresh ensembles with existing clothes.

Thank you, Organized by MJ!

– Kathy Hill


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