Professional Home Organizer in Houston

Professional Home Organizer in Houston

Being a home organizer in Houston can be an extremely daunting task. The ability to completely de-clutter, clean, and re-assemble your entire home in an organized, as well as aesthetically pleasing fashion is not a skill that all of us are born with.

Thankfully, you have Organized by MJ, who was born with a particular skill set. That skill set is organization in all forms! Organized by MJ can not only eliminate the clutter and disorganization from your home, but MJ will also leave you with the resources and skills to prevent you from needing a home organizer in Houston service in the future.

If you live in the greater Houston, TX area and you have decided that it’s time to “get your house in order”, Organized by MJ provides organization services for your entire home, from pantry to powder room, kitchens to closets and all your clutter “hot-spots” in-between.

Organized by MJ specializes in whole-home organizer in Houston services, as well as the organization of individual rooms and storage spaces.

Organized by MJ Home Organizer in Houston:

• Kitchen Organizer
• Closet Organizer
• Kid’s Room Organizer
• Office Organizer
• Garage Organizer

In addition to providing expert de-cluttering and organizational services, let Organized by MJ handle all aspects of your home organizer in Houston project, from hiring movers to arranging for any necessary storage or trash removal.

Home Organizer Testimonial:

Houston, meet Organized by MJ!

When it was time to sell my home in Houston, my realtor told me I needed to de-clutter my home if I wanted to get the best price. Over the last sixteen years, my family has moved six times across three states as well as having three children along the way. I had never considered any sort of organization over the years, as it seemed overwhelming and I never really had the time to do it.

Enter Organized by MJ, who helped me perform a “purge and pack” in Houston, where we threw away anything I didn’t use or need anymore, and then packed the rest using MJ’s intuitive de-cluttering techniques. Following our move to Boston, MJ was there to help my family get organized and settled in our new home.

MJ has helped change the way we live for the better, and I guarantee she can help you too! Mary Jo is a gem, and I wish she’d move to Boston! We miss you already!

- Masu Khan


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