They say moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do so when a friend recommended MJ’s services I reached out to her for a consultation. What surprised me was the breadth of aspects of my upcoming move we discussed and planned for which included activities for before the move, during the move and after the move. In particular, during the move they suffused a calming, structured influence on what are typically chaotic proceedings. It really felt like they were partnering with me to make the move as successful as possible.

I’m not overstating it to say that MJ and Darla were absolutely wonderful to work with throughout and I cannot recommend their services highly enough!

Houston, TX

"Mary Jo came into my life at just the right time... we were wrapping up an extensive home remodel, redecorating, and living together for the first time - so combining lots of pre-existing stuff into a new space.

MJ helped us move into the new areas of the house room by room, including master bathroom cabinets, closets, office drawers, kitchen, and more. Not only was the finished product simple, organized, labeled, and stress free - but I physically woudln’t have gotten it done by myself in anywhere near the same timeline.

In addition to introducing me to a bunch of new organizational products from Container Store etc, she used them in new ways and taught me an approach that I’ve been able to take with me in setting up my new office and second home.

We were working together during a high-stress time in my life, and I really appreciated MJ’s company and upbeat, can-do attitude. She was happy to work independently, with or without me home, but we often tackled projects together and it was great to have more than double the horsepower (she has the energy of at least 2 people!).

Highly recommend working with MJ, whether on a small project, multiple areas, or on a regular basis just to keep things straight and tidy. She’s a wonderful resource!"

Carrie C.
Houston, TX


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