Professional Garage Organizer in Houston

Professional Garage Organizer in Houston

Garages and organization have never been known to be comfortable partners. We all start out with the best of intentions when we move into a new home. We have simple dreams, like being able to park BOTH of our family cars in the garage at the same time.

We actually get to live that dream for a while, and it’s wonderful while it lasts. Until it’s time to get rid of that ugly giant sectional couch that you just replaced in your living room. Certainly no one WANTS this couch, so what do you do with it? Eh, we’ll just put it in the garage. Dad can park in the driveway until we get someone to come and take it.

Just like that…they journey begins. At first, it’s just the couch, then perhaps an old mattress, or two. Of course, you need SOMEWHERE to stack all those containers of Holiday decorations, and right next to that old couch is perfect! Mom can park in the driveway until after Thanksgiving.

If this situation reminds you of your own home, it’s time to perform a “pick-and-purge” with the help of a professional garage organizer in Houston!

Let Organized by MJ help you completely empty and de-clutter your garage and assist you with getting rid of the items you no longer want or need. Afterwards, we help you completely re-organize your garage, using new and innovative storage ideas, as well as advising you on how to avoid re-cluttering your newly recovered space.

If you’ve let your garage turn in to the catch-all receptacle for everything you want to remove your home, let Organized by MJ turn your garage organizer in Houston tragedy into a triumph!

Garage Organizer Testimonial:

Just had the best morning getting organized with Mary Jo. She took on the task of organizing all my holiday decorations. She is so creative and energetic and came up with a system that will make staying organized easy! With three young kids, this is very important.

Next up, organizing toys, toys and more toys. Mary Jo is great to work with, she didn't make me feel embarrassed by my mess and really listened to my goals.

– Christine G. Rowe


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