Professional Organizer in Houston

Professional Organizer in Houston

Professional organizers make their living organizing the homes or offices of their clients. Often, after the initial cleanup, a professional organizer will assist the client with strategies and processes to improve their quality of life, efficiency and overall productivity.

There are plenty of examples of professional organizers in action on a myriad of television shows. Reality-based programs like “Clean Sweep” or “Mission: Organization”, feature the expertise of professional organizers in every episode. Shows like “Hoarding: Buried Alive” and “Hoarders” feature professional organizers working alongside mental health and waste management experts to transform the homes and lives of people that face more severe “organizational adversities”.

Organized by MJ offers professional organizing services for Houston-area homes and businesses alike. No organizational task is too small; closets, offices, filing cabinets, kitchens, pantries, garages, playrooms, bedrooms, are all MJ’s specialty!

MJ is a member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing (NAPO) and attends regular conferences to stay on top of the latest trends in time management, productivity and being a conscientious consumer.

A Word From MJ!

Becoming a professional organizer always seemed like it was a natural fit. I have always had a passion for de-cluttering spaces and bringing order to homes, offices and the lives of people who are tired of being overwhelmed by clutter.

After spending years in the corporate world, downsizing and layoffs left me with a sudden need for a new direction in life. I started Organized by MJ with the goal of not only cleaning and organizing people’s spaces, but also providing them with lasting solutions to avoid “clutter hot spots” in the future.

If you find yourself overwhelmed by the disorganization and clutter around you and your family, call Organized by MJ today. I am here to help with all aspects of helping you get organized, from a pantry or turning a storage room into a guest bedroom, to whole-house or office organization.

Organized by MJ is based in Houston, TX and the surrounding communities to help home and business owners achieve peace of mind that is both priceless and affordable.

To reach Organized by MJ, call us at 713-724-6769 for your free telephone consultation about your individual organizing needs. From guest room preparation, office cleanouts and entire house re-organizing, call on Organized by MJ.


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